The Ritz Tuxedo Cycling Jersey

The Ritz Tuxedo Cycling Jersey

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could bike to your wedding day?  Would you rather peddle off those calories from that fancy restaurant?  For when your regular cycling jersey just isn’t fancy enough, Primal Wear has produced ‘The Ritz’ Cycling Jersey.  Pair with your best black cycling shorts and a top hat helmet and you’re prepared for the classiest of occasions.

It is available in both Short Sleeve Primal Wear Ritz Jersey:

Tuxedo Cycling Jersey - Short Sleeve

And Long Sleeve Tuxedo Cycling Jersey:

Long Sleeve Tuxedo Bike Jersey

Be prepared for the fanciest of cycling occasions.


You can buy both at Amazon: Short Sleeve Primal Wear Ritz Jersey

And Here:  Long Sleeve Tuxedo Cycling Jersey


- The Amateur

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