Livestrong Chalkbot, Fighting Cancer at Le Tour

Livestrong Chalkbot, Fighting Cancer at Le Tour

Well I’ve found my dream job.  What combines technology, the written word, cycling, AND the fight against cancer?  I want to be a Nike / Livestrong Chalkbot operator.

If you’ve been watching the Tour De France you may have noticed yellow messages of hope written on the course ahead of the riders.  These are messages written by the Livestrong Chalkbot.  The messages themselves are composed by people on Chalkbot’s Twitter or text message all over the world.  The inspirational messages are of hope and remembrance for those effected by cancer.  My favorite so far is entitled ‘Dear Cancer’:

My Sister Will Kick Your Butt

Dear Cancer...

The technology behind Chalkbot is pretty cool.  Messages are received, reviewed, and then queued on a computer aboard the truck towing the Chalkbot, then printed in emulsified chalk on the course of the Tour much like an old dot-matrix printer.

To send a message Twitter @chalkbot then your message , or text LIVESTRONG, then your message to 36453.

I just Tweeted ‘Think this Stage is Tough? Try Chemo’.

-  The Amateur

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