Lance Armstrong Crashes Hard at ATOC

Lance Armstrong Crashes Hard at ATOC

Written by The Amateur

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Lance Armstrong went down hard today in the 5th Stage of the Tour of California.  He uploaded a pic to his Twitter account of the aftermath.

Lance Armstrong Aftermath


A spectator caught the end of the crash involving a number of cyclists. The Versus Network of course missed it, their coverage has been pitiful.

The crash capped off a long day for Lance after playing down doping accusations from Floyd Landis. According to Fox Sports, Lance got back on the bike and tried to continue but was forced to retire.  Sounds like he’ll need some recovery time, but no major injury.

“I tried to give it a go but my eye was swollen so I couldn’t see properly and the pain in the elbow prevented me from holding the bars for the remainder of the stage,” Armstrong said. “It was a relief to learn there were no breaks. I will take a few days to recover and be on the bike as soon as possible.”

- The Amateur

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