Bike Doping? Cancellara & The Guber Assist

Bike Doping? Cancellara & The Guber Assist

Written by The Amateur

Topics: Cycling News

This seems a bit thin to me.  A newly popular YouTube video accusing Swiss cyclist Fabien Cancellara of using a hidden motor in two of his race wins this year is getting some attention.

It seems to be, allegedly, the Gruber Assist or a variation of it, which is hidden in the seat tube of the bike frame.  The battery for the Gruber is hidden in the saddle bag, which is notably absent from Cancellara’s bike, pro cyclists have support teams.  The rapid acceleration in the video is pretty amazing but according to some research at CozyBeeHive, not beyond Cancellara’s Attack abilities.

It also seems that the motor makes a fairly audible noise, that would not go unnoticed by other cyclists.  I would also think that a casual bike inspection would turn up some suspicion.  An accessible button to activate it?  Like i said, pretty thin…

- The Amateur

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