Aliens, UFOs Caused Bike Path Closure?

Aliens, UFOs Caused Bike Path Closure?

Written by The Amateur

Topics: Cycling News

I have had discussions with many a cyclist and runner in the Fox Valley area, on the frustrations of having a mile long strip of the Fox River Bike Path closed due to construction at the new Stearns Road bridge.  The closure effectively isolates me in South Elgin with no viable detour around the site and the fact that there is another large section of trail closed less than 2 miles north of South Elgin.

Little did I know, the wormhole goes MUCH deeper.  It seems construction is an effort to cover up a Top Secret UFO landing site, which I have dubbed Area 31.  Now that I know the facts, I will keep my eyes to the sky.

Only 2 weeks after the release of this fine example of journalism, video evidence of a UFO was documented.  You can very un-clearly see an Unidentified Flying Object “rotating on a vertical axis”.

I am neither confirming nor denying that someone I know, may or may not have snuck through said construction site just last night to get a short ride in and test out his new helmet cam, but the general feeling around town at that time seemed to be of utter ignorance and/or sheer indifference.  I will be watching the developments with great interest.

The Truth is out there…

- The Amateur

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